Monday, October 4, 2010

Four Days Away!

With the season fast approaching, I’m completing my own training camp. I’ve watched all the Leafs preseason games (save one, stupid Sens blackout), and I am reasonably confident I know all the players. Even Mike “Handlebars” Brown.

I have spent my days playing NHL 11 and finally understand line changes. I see why they happen now. Turns out hockey’s not as easy as shoving a bunch of guys on a sheet of ice. NHL 11 tells me that players must have chemistry and must know how to work together.  Brian Burke has confirmed this for me. The intricacies of the lines still escape me, like why some lines score and others punch people in the mouth. 

I’ve also suited up. After much searching, I finally have a Leafs jersey. FYI: not that many sports stores carry jerseys in women’s sizes. And by not many, I mean almost zero. And no, a small men’s is not the same as a women’s small, nor is a kid’s large. I was swimming in the former, and as for the latter… well let’s just say that the average 12-year old boy has surprisingly short arms. Like a t-rex. (Side note: I did find jerseys at one store for every NHL team… all in pink! Wtf?)

I’ve also invited the enemy into camp. The BF and I are having some friends over for the season opener. Friends that also happen to be Habs fans. There will likely be tears by the end of the night. I just hope they aren’t ours…

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